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Experiential  Learning


You will learn by doing

Experiential learning (or hands-on learning) is a core element of the liberal arts and sciences education you will receive at Mount Allison. There are opportunities for you to create experiences that match your interests and style of learning.

You will develop skills that you can apply to the workforce, make important networking connections, and figure out just what the future may hold for you.

Experiential learning opportunities include:


  • Research
  • Internships
  • Student conferences
  • Recitals, performances, and art exhibits
  • Academic and case competitions
  • Study abroad and exchange
  • Field work and travel
  • Independent study

Once you’re in a university environment, you are in fact preparing to engage with the world, not after graduation but during that education process. This notion of engagement then is part of life at Mount Allison where you don’t stay on campus for four years and study in windowless rooms, you’re in the community. The notion of the real world has to be part of education.

In our office, at experiential learning, we make connections with the faculty, and help them to make connections or facilitate connections. What we're doing is helping to articulate what has always been here, where students are challenged to take what they learn and apply it in the real world.

Mount A is really big on that and being able to give students that first step into a future career.And being able to know what to do maybe possibly in the future.

Individuals want to have different experiences and so we work with the student and the faculty and the external organizations to customize that experience to the individual. I think that’s one of the things that makes coming to Mount Allison, and having an experiential learning opportunity, so unique.

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