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There are a number of staff and faculty here on campus that their whole intention is to work with students and allow them to get to where they want to be. You know, we’re here to help and it’s a very supportive community here at Mount A

We really believe that for a student to be successful here at Mount Allison, they really need to feel connection to the place, they really need to feel like they’re free to be who they are and maximize all the potential that they have within them. And part of that means making sure that the students are aware of all the supports that are in place for them for their emotional and spiritual wellbeing through Student Affairs and the Student Centre. It really is a holistic approach to making sure that students feel settled and at home and able to be successful in and outside of the classroom.

Academic support has a lot of different resources available to students from helping you with writing your papers to helping you with courses where you might be struggling. We offer group tutorials as well as the peer tutor registry in student success course.

There’s a real range of services available through the Wellness Centre. Whether it’s simply “I need some life direction, did I make the right choice, can I do better in and outside of the classroom?" to other matters that may be pre-existing, issues and concerns that students are bringing with them and they are looking for continued support while they are here. We do our best to offer support across that spectrum.

The Meighen Centre, it’s a centre for people with disabilities of any sort, it can be learning, physical, and they help you with trying to deal and accommodate those issues so that you can succeed in school.

What the Meighen Centre tries to do is, they level the playing field and they do a fantastic job of it. It’s been extremely useful. I think I wouldn’t have succeeded here without them.

They really make it pretty simple for us to, you know, if you ever need any help to go out there and ask for it. Which we find really helpful when you don’t really know no one here yet.

The message to students on campus whether it’s friend to friend, whether it’s residence staff to residence student, whether it’s faculty member or staff to student is if you need help, ask – and if you ask, it’s easy to find the person who can help.

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