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What I would highlight about Mount Allison University is the history, the high-quality focus on academic programs, and the opportunity to learn in an amazing learning environment. So, we’re really thinking about that student experience, from the lab to the community, with best technology, high quality art studios, a new and developing library opportunity for the future. That’s what makes Mount Allison experiences, I think, very special.

I like the kind of small town, small university feel, and the connection it has with the community. And so, when I got to Mount Allison, I found all those things, but I also found a great deal of student engagement. And I was very interested in the kind of small class, hands-on experiential learning, so all the different learning I could do outside the classroom.

The general Mount Allison student is very involved and is very busy, so I guess I would come prepared to be busy, not just with your class but also the many other things that you love to be involved with.

Lecturers are actually try to recruit grad students. Because, our reputation for training prospective grad students is so strong that they know that if the come to give a seminar, that they'll be able to speak afterwards to prospective students and perhaps recruit some.

The nature of the learning here and the way you can really interact with your faculty, the way you can interact with the student body, and really, really feel involved. You really want to make sure that the time you have here, you're really engaging with the time you have and your fostering those relationships with professors and the community you’re in… and for me being at a school like Mount A, that’s the kind of opportunity I knew I’d have and it’s not let me down.

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