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Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce

Commerce students at Mount Allison benefit from small class sizes, one-on-one time with professors, frequent interaction with fellow students, opportunities to gain real-world experience, and strong links to the business world.

You will study a variety of business areas, such as accounting, finance, management, and marketing.

To broaden your prospective, all Commerce students take a minor outside the discipline.

At its core, a degree in Commerce at Mount Allison is based on experiential learning opportunities:

  • Internships
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mentorship and networking
  • Field trips and student conferences
  • Case and business plan competitions
  • International exchanges
  • Working on projects with businesses and community organizations

The reason you want to study Commerce at Mount Allison is learning in a personal way that really makes a difference to our students.

If someone comes here and takes full advantage of our co-curricular programs, our small size, and what we do in the classroom and our business connections, they can learn more, and learn more applied things, than they can in a big city environment where they’re surrounded by businesses.

I think one of the important things to recognize is that commerce is a field of study and so actually whether of any of those four pillars: marketing, management, accounting or finance, we draw on a whole range of disciplines, drawing from economics practice, sociology, psychology, historical practices and so having students that take other classes outside of Commerce is a huge benefit to them. So that's definitely the real benefit, because the real world is not so cut-and-dry, we are not in silos and we are not in boxes.

And I think that’s the strength of how Mount A incorporates Commerce in liberal arts. It’s a really unique approach of creating a broad foundational education and then allowing you to specialize. I think the really unique thing about Mount A Commerce is that you become such a well-rounded and well-versed person.

So, you combine with some of the speakers that we bring in, with the mentorships with people that are in business, again alumni connections, with the internships that we have in cities throughout the Maritimes, and we have a number in cities outside the Maritimes as well, so people are getting direct business experience.

This internship has added a lot to my marketing understanding. I think that’s been a great opportunity for me to see other sides of business and organizations and being able to know what to do maybe possibly in the future.

You can take those basics and through the electives that you pick here, taught in a personal way, you’ll go, and experiential experiences to boot, you’ll go away with personal experiences and learning that you can immediately apply.

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