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You will love our new kind of small town

Whether you come from a small town or a big city, you will discover the best of both worlds in Sackville a cross section of a buzzing cultural and social hub in a safe and secure environment.

You will connect with people and with nature with countless opportunities to immerse yourself and get involved in the community.

There’s really always something going on even though this is such a small town. All of the different music organizations on campus and off campus.Sappy Fest is a really special festival. It’s such a busy place and there’s lots of people here who are making exciting things happen.

You know when you’re heading down to class you know there’s always a friendly face that’s you know, looking out to you. A lot of, you know, being in a small town everything is pretty accessible. I don’t think about, you know, how I’m gonna get to class. I don’t think about how I’m gonna go to the grocery store because everything is, you know, within 10 minutes of where you are.

I love the connection that I can make with profs, with students, with the girl working at the post office, the one working at the Dollarstore, you know, like those little connections they make the best out of Sackville.It makes that sense of community that I really love about Mount A and Sackville.

I think one of the very special things about Mount Allison is its relationship with Sackville. The two go together. Our kids have benefited tremendously from students who have helped with after school reading programs, who have volunteered as coaches. There are students who are giving back in other ways whether it’s through the food bank.

At the start of every year, there’s a community welcome for new students.If you’re looking to feel like you’re involved in where you live, then I think Mount Allison and Sackville really offer that.

I think the number one thing is how close the students are to the community of Sackville. Sackville is pretty small, but it lets you be involved in a lot of aspects. You can give back to the community but also, there’s a lot for you to get from the community here.

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