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You can mix and match programs


At Mount Allison, you can choose majors and minors from different areas of study that match your interests and career goals to create a degree as unique as you are.


With more than 40 programs to choose from and a little curiosity  the possibilities are endless.

Doing a Bachelor of Arts at a liberal arts college we have the opportunity to work in a number of different areas, to take courses in the classics, in English, in modern languages - and also to be a student who reaches across the borders of discipline.

So coming in as an art student, I thought my Arts degree would be really focused on only what I was here to study but I got to study so many different things within the Arts.

Learning about the world in a critical way prepares you for that world and to be an active participant. So a Bachelor of Arts really prepares you for the multitude of experiences your going to have throughout your life.

When you have small classes, it gets you outside of the classroom, it gets you into the real world in a very literal sense. I have a third-year class with 18 students in a beautifully designed, sort of inside/onside, practical/theoretical balance that I get to know every student, you really do get to know their names, where they’re from. Those sorts of relationships are the key to effective learning.

Mount A is special because students are getting these exciting, on the ground, A+ experiences that you might not expect are part of a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Being able to travel different places and communicate with different communities and stuff in their own language, that’s something I found super, super valuable.

And that’s the Bachelor of Arts at Mount A.

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