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Professors come to Mount Allison from all over the world to focus on teaching while actively pursuing their research.

Be mentored, taught, challenged, and encouraged by accomplished leaders in their field.

  • 8 Mount Allison professors have been named 3M National Teaching Fellows Canada’s top teaching honour
  • 3 Mount Allison professors are Canada Research Chairs the highest research honour in the country
  • Mount Allison ranks first in national awards won by faculty (Primarily Undergraduate Schools, Maclean’s University Rankings 2019)


One of the things about Mount Allison is that all of our classes essentially are delivered by faculty members who are for the large part tenure to tenure track. Everybody's got a PhD and they’re permanent faculty members for the large part teaching our courses. This is really different from large universities. Here for instance as Dean of Science, I teach one of the larger first year science courses. I get office hours with those students and I do a tutorial every Monday night where I’m delivering the tutorial myself so they have a lot of ways to speak to faculty members directly. We have quite a strong research presence, some award-winning teachers.

You tend to meet a lot of different faculty members and each of them contribute to your time here and they’re always, you know, checking your wellbeing and how everything else is going on with your classes because more often than not, you’ll end up seeing them you know, somewhere along your 4 years.

I use my classes as a scouting ground for people that are not only doing well, but who actually enjoy it and find it interesting and then I look for ways that I can find different opportunities whether it be being a teaching assistant or doing research with me either over the summer or on a part-time basis. That’s something that you don’t necessarily have at larger institutions.

A number of our researchers do have national and international collaborations with other labs which provides some really interesting opportunities for students to go and work in different parts of the country and different parts of the world.

And then here you are with like this really, really well accredited professor who’s clearly very well informed in their field and you have the opportunity to have a dialogue with them. Mount A is really great for that and the professors here are even better for it.

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