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You can access financial support

University is a significant investment that’s why we want to help remove the financial barriers that may keep you from taking this important next step.

Mount Allison provides support through scholarships, bursaries, awards, and on-campus employment.

In fact, we provide $5.4 million in financial aid and student compensation each year, including:

  • more than $2 million in scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid
  • 700 students employed (about 30% of our student population) through on-campus jobs, internships, and research positions.

University is a huge investment. So, I often talk to students about looking at it as an investment in themselves and then we look at all the resources that are available to them.

The financial aid at Mount Allison is quite accessible. You’re automatically assessed for scholarship when you apply. They’re really looking for well-rounded individuals who have an academic drive, but also are really involved and contribute to their community and see that as being a valuable characteristic that they want to pursue through their university education.

The Bell financial aid definitely helped me in my first year kind of relieve the stress that I thought I would kind of impede my parents with in terms of like financial burdening. So I am very thankful to have been awarded the Bell financial aid.

Bursaries are need based so basically, that means, we do a calculation and determine whether or not you would be eligible for some additional money that is based upon maybe not having quite enough to reach your financial goals.

Over 700 students are currently on the payroll which is a large percentage of our student population. We’re always happy to help them find a good role that will help finance their education, but give them really great experience to put on their résumé when they’re applying for post-grad opportunities, too.

So, the work that I do is paid work. It’s quite helpful in that I don’t have to work a part-time job outside of campus or have to commute to another location to work. I can just stay here and it’s on my own schedule and very flexible.

At Mount Allison, we do it differently. All of our employment, internships, work integrated learning opportunities are paid. It’s special, it’s different.

It’s not just another coop, it’s relevant to your curriculum in a really special way and it also gives you a lot of freedom to create your own adventure and to pave your own way.

If we can help mitigate or reduce some of those financial barriers, it allows students to focus on the other more important aspects of a university experience and education.

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