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You can be part of #mountiepride

There are a wide range of sport, fitness, and recreational opportunities for athletes of any level.

With 18 varsity and club sports teams, our elite student-athletes are some of the best in the country, balancing their competitive fire with their intellectual pursuits.

Mount Allison also provides leadership in wellness and active living, providing facilities and comprehensive and engaging fitness programs.

Sackville offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities no matter the season including swimming in Silver Lake, skating at the Civic Centre, or snowshoeing at Beech Hill Park.

Here at Mount Allison, we have a very active athletics and recreation program and try and have a touch point for all students. And so, we’ve got a fitness centre out of our Student Centre, McCain Student Centre that the general student body can use and has everything you would want. There’s a dance studio we have group fitness classes in there. Our Athletic Centre has a pool, has more of a performance weight room in there and of course our main varsity gym and we have a very active intramural program in the gym, also on our new state-of-the-art Alumni Field artificial turf which we’re very proud of that facility. A number of club sports where student-athletes can stay involved when they get from high school in the sport that they’re interested in and then we have nine sports at the varsity level.

The nice part about going to Mount A is, I’m gonna say everyone probably says this but it’s a different school, like it really is. The profs are super accommodating especially as you get older and your class sizes get way smaller and they’re really there to help out like when you need any help and as a student-athlete, they’re aware of that so they’re able to make accommodations whenever you need and super helpful and aware of what you’re going through and making sure that your academics are up to par.

Mountie Pride is a very unique thing that runs from the students to the faculty to the people that are in this town. It’s pretty incredible. People in the town will come up to you and approach you like good job on the weekend or are you gonna beat these guys this weekend and little kids will ask for autographs sometimes, so really just the whole community is involved.

Mountie Pride is something we’re very fond of and what you saw repeating itself is the same type of people being drawn to our programs and wanting to be, you know, really high performing athletes but they want to do it in a certain setting where I think for us, it represents family, it represents us building together.I think when we talk Mountie Pride we all get a little twinkle in our eye because we know how much it means to us.

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