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You can get an all-access pass to our dining hall

Our all-you-care-to-eat menu has something for everyone.

There are healthy and balanced options to choose from at over 12 fresh-made stations with 40% locally-sourced food including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

At Mount Allison, we provide an unlimited meal plan for residence students to ensure flexibility and convenience for any schedule. Eat as often and as much as you like, seven days a week all for the same price.

So, dining at Mount Allison is something that we’re really proud of. We offer a number of options on campus that range from quick serve cafés to coffee shops and then to our Jennings Hall as well where students living in residence have access to our all-you-care to dine meal plan.

Jennings Dining Hall offers over a dozen fresh food made-to-order stations. There’s something there for everyone. We also care extremely about students who have dietary restrictions or special allergy concerns. Our dining hall does offer customized meal plans for those individuals and we can always accommodate that on campus.

We also offer late night dining so it’s an opportunity for students to take a quick break in studying or whatever they’re doing, spin over to Jennings, grab some late night snacks.

We’re very proud to source over 40% of our food locally from within the Maritimes.

We have some unique stations that are there for our students including a wood fired pizza oven, where your pizzas are hand tossed and hand made right in front of you.

We also offer a Mongolian grill that serves up fresh stir frys and made-to-order for our students. And amongst those stations, we have a real focus on fresh food, things like a salad bar that offers a variety of veggies for students to create their own salads. And also, you know, some different flavours as well so we put a strong emphasis on bringing different tastes from around the world and we incorporate that into our menu as well.

We have a comment board at Jennings Hall, we also have members of our dining services that circulate throughout and we have all sorts of positive comments and feedback from our students and we’re always open to hearing new suggestions as well.

So, you know, we really rely on our students and we want to ensure that what we’re serving them is something that they want so oftentimes we’ll receive menu items as recommendations and then next week, you’ll see that menu item on the line so it’s kind of a cool experience and speaks volumes to you know, that close knit community that we have here at Mount Allison. So yeah, if you ever have an idea, feel free to let the chef know and maybe it will be on the menu.

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