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Applying to Mount Allison

Apply to Mount Allison is easy

With one comprehensive online application for admission and scholarships, applying to Mount Allison is easy!

Our admissions team will be there for you every step of the way starting with your initial contact, right up to your arrival on campus.

You can also take a personalized tour of our beautiful campus with one of our campus ambassadors, attend a class, meet with an admissions counsellor, and see what Mount Allison has to offer.

I think students will find the application process here at Mount Allison quite straight forward. You fill out a one-time application for scholarships and admission.It shouldn’t take much longer than an hour depending on how detailed you want to be. But I guess what we would encourage students to do is reach to us if they have any questions or concerns. We are a very personal admissions office, we love to do our jobs because we love working with students. So, contact us and we’ll be able to help you navigate the process if you have any questions along the way.

We offer campus tours 7 days a week, 2 times a day. I think we have one of the most flexible campus visit programs in Atlantic Canada and the best thing is you get to come and experience campus. Find out if it’s right for you, sit in a class, talk to a prof.

I read through the brochure and it seemed like a perfect fit: small class sizes, really nice small town, lots of opportunities to be involved with campus activities and that’s kind of what led my decision to come to Mount A. I think Mount A was the best decision that I ever made and even though there were times that it was hard being so far away from my family, I gained independence and strength and I found my own family out here at the campus.

For me, it’s probably a little bit different because I’m an international student.I filled the form I remember. It was really interesting just writing down all those information and seeing the amount of details those question contain. It’s not like what are your hobbies and move on. No, it's like they want to know like who you are, they want to know what are you interested in. And it was like ok, I think I’m liking this place already, right?

If they’re thinking of applying, they should automatically send an email, send a note to somebody working here. And the professors are so accommodating. They love to talk to you about what’s going on, give you the opportunity to come up, have a lesson, see the campus.Mount Allison just loves people so if anyone was thinking of coming here, they should definitely just send a note to someone, ask and they’ll happily be invited to come see.

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