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You will live with your best friends

Your residence becomes your home away from home and your second family, providing the perfect transitional step to living on your own.

  • Over 75% of rooms are single or single ensuites
  • First-year students are guaranteed a room on campus

At Mount Allison, you will have a built-in support system with live-in dons, student residence leaders, academic mentors, house executive, and roommates and housemates who turn into lifelong friends.

Mount Allison offers a number of different residence communities. We have some of our larger communities that would hold somewhere between 180 to 200 students. And then we have a much smaller residence community where buildings are holding anywhere from 50 to 80 students.

We think it’s important for our students, especially first year students, to really take advantage of the many benefits of living in residence. You’re on campus, you’re close to your classes, you have the convenience of dining at our dining hall. There’s a number of supports within your residence that range from academic mentors to peer study groups, but all of that is also paired well with the social experience of living in residence.

So, you move into residence and you really meet friends that you’re going to have for the next 3, 4, 5 years and beyond that as well.

At Mount Allison, we have a number of different room types available. We think it’s very important that students have a place that they can call home and a place that they feel comfortable in.

We currently have over 75% of our rooms that are singles or single en-suites so as a first year student coming in to Mount Allison, you have a really good chance at receiving one of your top 3 room preferences. And whether you’re in one of our larger residences or one of our more close knit residence communities, I think it’s important to realize that we offer the same type of facilities and amenities throughout.

Our residences have ample study space that range from quiet study rooms to group study rooms. You can expect to see floor lounges in all of our buildings which is a great place for people to socialize and really come together. We have laundry facilities, kitchen facilities and some of our residences also feature areas such as in-house game rooms or movie theatres and fitness centres.

So, living on campus is truly a unique experience and it is a place that you can call home when you come here.

Another advantage of living on campus at Mount Allison is you’re steps away from everything you could possibly need. So we are a small campus and the benefit of living on campus is that you’re less than a 5-minute walk to our Student Centre, less than a 5-minute walk to classes, you’re right across from our dining hall.

There’s a real sense of ease when you transition to university and you can focus on what’s really important, that would be your academics. Everything else is really taken care of when you live in residence.

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