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You can study around the world

Study abroad and exchange programs offer a chance for you to take new and interesting courses, learn a different language, experience another culture, and learn a lot about yourself – all while working towards your Mount Allison degree.

You can choose one of our 30+ established programs in 20 countries or create your own!

Mount Allison also offers travel grants, bursaries, and awards to fund your international experience, including exchange, summer study, research, internships, and volunteering.

Yeah, so I had a really great experience abroad and Mount A has a lot of really great exchange programs. I was really lucky to study at Fudan University in Shanghai which really lined up especially with my Bachelor of Commerce. But I think the biggest point of learning was really just getting to experience another culture.

Our students have exchanges around the world. Our students, our faculty take students to Spain and to France and study world cultures right here from our campus but also then from that global perspective.

One of my co-workers in the summer, she went to the Hague in the Netherlands so she was there for a semester and she just spoke so highly of it and how it was such like a unique experience and how like Mount A like set it up for you and things like that too You know, she said it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and nobody regrets going on exchange, but a lot of people regret not going, so as soon as she said that to me I was like I have to go now just to get away for a bit and then come back and I found a new appreciation for Sackville and for Mount A. And personally, I think it was, it was amazing.

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