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You can get involved easily

You can dig deeper into your academic disciplines, pursue a passion outside the classroom, or just try something new.

When you are just minutes from anywhere you want to be, on or off campus, it makes it easy to dive in and get involved. You can pack a lot into your schedule and with so many interesting and fun groups to join, you will probably find it hard not to do too much!

So, Mount Allison has about 120 active clubs and societies in that ranges from everything from club sports to travel groups that volunteer abroad, Habitat, Global Brigades.

We have a ton of musical theatre, Garnet & Gold. There’s a bilingual musical theatre society called Tintamarre as well as just that kind of classical band music society to volunteer groups, Healthcare Outreach that volunteer in places like the nursing home and the hospital

All academic societies, there’s a lot to get involved with.

Go to the Club and Societies Fair, it’s the weekend right after school starts on the Sunday during Orientation Week and sign up, put your name down to make sure you attend and kind of see what's out here.

There’s a lot around different support services just in terms of peer support for students so we have a catalyst which is LGBTQ society, the Indigenous Student Support Group, Mosaic multicultural, there’s a lot in terms of finding a community.

Clubs and societies kind of widen out your university experience beyond just what you’re learning in the classroom. One, you can learn, two you make a whole bunch of friends, and three, it’s a really important support network for students who might be struggling and it’s a really good opportunity to make friends with people who are not just in their year, in their department, you really get to meet people that you wouldn’t have otherwise met.

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